Dr. Felix Biblescholar

Monday, October 3, 2011

Chapter Two

Well hello, my fine friends and unknown readers!

My how the time flies. It seems only yesterday that I set out to post my annotation of the entire book of Genesis, and here I find myself posting just the first few verses of Chapter Two and several months already gone! That is the kind of procrastination that catastrophic injury can cause. Well, you know what they say: The Lord works in mysterious ways.

When they say this, I'm pretty sure that they mean it's hard to figure out what the Lord is up to, as opposed to meaning that he actually approaches the work in ways that are unfathomable--like tackling a job while hanging upside down or while being attacked by owls. This only makes sense.

With that said, I just thought I'd pop onto this blog and note that the first nine or so verses of Chapter Two are now online. We've had a lot of healthy discussion based on my annotations of Chapter One and an awful lot of unhealthy discussion! No pun intended.

So, time to roll up your sleeves, Bibologists! There's Bible Science to be done!

Oh, and it was also nice to see neutrinos moving faster than the speed of light the other day. That's God for you!